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USC, Coventry University sign new partnership; visits Southampton University

USC and Coventry University MoU signing. (Vice Chancellor’s Office, Coventry University, UK) From left: Engr. Joseph Karl Salva, Engr. Isabelo Rabuya, Prof. Elena Gaura, Dr. David Pilsbury, Fr. Anthony Salas,...


Fu Jen Catholic University team visits Biology department

Administrators, faculty, and students of Fu Jen Catholic University headed by Dr. Chi-Shun Tu, Dean of the Office of Research and Development, visited the USC Department of Biology on Thursday,...


Argentine Ambassador visits USC

His Excellency Roberto Bosch, Ambassador of Argentina to the Philippines, visited the University of San Carlos at Downtown Campus on Tuesday, 2 July. During his short visit Ambassador Bosch made...


USC Press, CSC to launch Mojares Reader

The University of San Carlos Press and the USC Cebuano Studies Center (CSC) will launch this weekend “The Resil Mojares Reader”, a book of 12 of the best scholarly works...

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The WORD in other words

2 Kgs 4: 42–44

A man came from Baal-shalishah bringing the man of God twenty barley loaves made from the first fruits, and fresh grain in the ear. Elisha said, “Give it to the people to eat.” But his servant objected, “How can I set this before a hundred?” Elisha again said, “Give it to the people to eat, for thus says the LORD: You will eat and have some left over.” He set it before them, and when they had eaten, they had some left over, according to the word of the LORD.

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